List of Israel Helicopters in Six Day War

1. Aérospatiale SA 321 Super Frelon
Israel ordered 12 helicopters in 1965 to provide the IAF with a heavy lift transport capability. The close ties between Israel and France in the mid 1960s made the choice of a French helicopter inevitable and in early 1965 an IAF delegation of air and ground crews left for France to study the new aircraft.
SA 321 Super Frelon
A Super Frelon helicopter n°165 of the 32F Wing flying over Portsmouth
Role Heavy lift military Transport helicopter
Manufacturer Aérospatiale
First flight 7 December 1962
Introduced 1966
Primary user French military
Number built 99
Variants Avicopter AC313

2. Sikorsky S-58 Choctaw, S-58 designed for improved cargo variant
Sikorsky H-34/S-58
Role Helicopter
Manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft
First flight 8 March 1954
Introduced 1954
Status out of production, still in civilian service
Primary users United States Army
United States Navy
United States Marines
Number built 2,108
Developed from H-19 Chickasaw
Variants Westland Wessex

List of Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan Helicopters in Six Day War

1. Mil Mi-6
The Mil Mi-6 (NATO reporting name "Hook") was a Soviet/Russian heavy transport helicopter designed by the Mil design bureau and built in large numbers for both military and civil roles.
Mi-6 at Riga, Latvia.
Role Heavy transport helicopter
Manufacturer Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant
First flight 5 September 1957
Introduction 1962
Retired 2002 (Russia CAA)
Status In service with foreign users
Primary users Soviet Air Force
Produced 1960 to 1981
Number built 925+
Variants Mil Mi-10

2. Mil Mi-4
The Mil Mi-4 (USAF/DoD reporting name "Type 36", NATO reporting name "Hound".[2]) was a Soviet transport helicopter that served in both military and civilian roles.
Mil Mi-4 at Prague Aviation Museum
Role Transport helicopter
Manufacturer Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant
First flight 3 June 1952
Introduced 1953
Status Retired
Primary users Soviet Air Force
Polish Air Force
Produced 1951-1969
Number built over 4,500 including Z-5s
Variants Harbin Z-5